The tropical paradise of Nusa Lembongan, where ice-blue waters meet white sand beaches, is a short 30-minute crossing from mainland Bali.

A variety of fast ferries operate out of Sanur and provide a gateway to sun-kissed days a Villa Coral.

Here is our guide on getting to Nusa Lembongan.


Upon arrival at the airport, a fast ferry staff member will meet you with a sign holding your name and provide air-conditioned transport to the harbour in Sanur. This journey will take approximately 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and your time of travel.

If you are already in Bali and need a hotel pick-up, the fast ferry company will arrange for a driver to collect your Bali accommodation.

Once you reach the harbour, you will be given your boarding tickets.

The port building is new and fully air-conditioned, providing ample seating for your comfort. A selection of tasty snacks and beverages can be found just outside the main entrance if the hunger kicks in earlier than expected.

Villa Coral Lembongan


At the terminal, overhead screens display departure information for the various ferries operating at different times throughout the day. Once your ferry is ready, a boarding call will be made, and the staff will guide you to the dock.

The final step is here; you are so close to arriving in paradise!

Villa Coral Lembongan


After 30 minutes of cruising across the Badung Strait, views of limestone cliffs will start to appear in the distance. This is when you know you’ve made it. Welcome to paradise!

Once the ferry docks, a team will assist with your luggage and provide transport to your new island home at Villa Coral.

Land transport on Lembongan is included in your ticket price.

Villa Coral Lembongan


If flexibility is your kryptonite, look no further than Morin. Offering daily private transfers between Sanur and Nusa Lembongan, the boat will work around your schedule and provide a one-of-a-kind passage to the island.

Choose your preferred pick-up time, and a private driver will collect you from the airport or your hotel in Bali.

Captain Wayan will provide a courteous welcome as his team take care of your luggage and assist you onboard. The journey is approximately 30 minutes.

Upon arrival, if conditions allow, the boat will dock at Tamarind Beach, where footsteps separate the white sands of the bay from the front door of our villa. Alternatively, land transport will be provided from Jungutbatu to Villa Coral at no extra cost.

The team at Villa Coral will ready to give you a warm welcome.

Villa Coral Lembongan


Heading back to mainland Bali is a straightforward process. The crew at Villa Coral will assist with any pre-departure needs and arrange a driver for a pre-determined pick-up time to take you to the harbour. The journey back to Sanur will last approximately 30 minutes. Whether your final destination is a hotel in Bali or the airport, land transfers are provided as part of the ticket cost.

All pre-departure arrangements will be finalised at least one day before leaving the island.

We hope your time at Villa Coral has been magical.

See you again, soon!

Villa Coral Lembongan