Discovering Nusa Lembongan, the island stands as a pinnacle for surf fanatics. With beaches of the finest white sand and waters as clear as day, it draws wave chasers from all corners of the world. 

Regardless of your level, this island is a surfer’s paradise,  ensuring every surf session is one for the books.

Let’s jump in and uncover the treasures that Nusa Lembongan has to offer.

How do I get to the waves?

Strategically positioned on the serene Tamarind Beach, Villa Coral offers more than just luxurious accommodation. For surf buffs, it serves as a gateway to some of the island’s most iconic breaks. From its welcoming front steps, the waves of Playgrounds and Lacerations are a mere paddle away, promising thrilling rides framed by the island’s natural beauty. 

For those with an appetite to go further, Shipwrecks and Razors are a short boat ride away. Take a casual walk over the headland to Coconut Beach and you will find surf taxis waiting to ferry surfers to their next wave.

Decoding the waves

Lembongan’s waters are a marvel. They dance to the tunes of the tides, presenting a spectrum of challenges and opportunities. At times, the mirror-like waters can be deceptive, as low tides might make several spots tricky to surf. On the other hand, the high tides bring along powerful currents that require skill and experience to tackle. 

To truly enjoy what Lembongan offers, it’s all about timing. Wait, watch, and when the moment is right, grab your board and get out there!


Almost an extension of Villa Coral’s front yard, Playgrounds offers a signature A-frame wave that’s fun and rewarding. When the waves are mellow, surfers of all stripes should give it a crack. But, when the ocean decides to flex with bigger swells, it’s the perfect time for the rookies to watch and learn. 

Surfing during mid-tide is the sweet spot at Playgrounds. High tides tend to roll in with hefty currents, while at dead low tide, the reef pops out and shows why it’s one of the feistiest around.


Located a heartbeat away from Villa Coral,  Lacerations symbolises the surfing spirit of the island. The wave resembles a picture-perfect painting, offering some of the crispest right-hand barrels one could imagine. As the tide pulls back, the waves become more square, more Inviting, yet more challenging at the same time. 

But Lacerations isn’t just about the high-octane rides. On gentler days, it morphs into a welcoming spot, ideal for those looking to learn or enjoy a more laid-back surf session. The local surf schools, with their vast expertise, stand ready to guide surfers into the chill embrace of a smaller day at Lacerations.


Named after a shipwreck that happened in the 70s, this spot has become a landmark in the surfing community. The wave, a favourite among regular footers, boasts deep blue barrels and lengthy walls that have become the stuff dreams are made of. While many seasoned surfers frequent Shipwrecks for its challenging rides, on its calmer days, it allows for beginners to have a taste of the magic.


Positioned slightly to the left of Shipwrecks when viewed from Jungutbatu Beach, Razors presents a diverse surfing experience. With smaller swells, it’s an ideal spot for beginners and longboarders to ride the consistent left-hand waves. However, during more powerful swells coupled with high tides, Razors can show its mightier, gnarlier side, transforming into a fast, barrelling wave that challenges even the best. Reaching this spot is a breeze, either with a 15-minute paddle or by hopping onto a surf taxi. 

While both Shipwrecks and Razors are very inviting, it’s important to stay alert for the unpredictable currents that might catch you unawares.

Mahana Point

Beyond the iconic Yellow Bridge, on the shores of Nusa Ceningan Island, lies Mahana Point. It’s waves are a class apart, often larger and more challenging. Mahana is a spot that demands respect and skill, promising a long, fun left-hander that will bring hours of enjoyment. 

Overlooking the wave is the clifftop restaurant that oozes island life. Serving up a mix of local and western dishes, with a side of chill tunes, it’s the go-to spot to kick back, watch surfers at work, and soak in those golden sunsets.

So, there you have it, folks! Nusa Lembongans’ surf scene in all its glory. 

Whether you’re chasing barrels,  mellow longboard vibes, or just looking to get your feet wet in the surfing world, this island has got you covered.

So grab your board, slap on some sunscreen, and go make some memories. 

Catch you in the water!  

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